d-Bodhi’s vision is firmly grounded in creating a greener tomorrow through all the steps of our processes … from the sustainable sourcing of wood and other recycled raw materials to paying attention to how we can pass that awareness on to you, our customers.

When you join with d-Bodhi, you’re buying more than a piece of furniture, you’re also taking better care of the environment through the products you choose while adding beauty and enjoyment to your life

You Can Make a Difference to the Environment and Change People's Lives

d-Bodhi gives a monthly donation directly to the Trees4Trees Foundation™ for their environmental and humanitarian work. Their education, training and material support helps farmers plant trees and manage community forests in Central Java. This not only helps you reduce your carbon footprint, it also has a positive impact in real people's lives. The small-scale farming families working with the foundation are among the most vulnerable economically. The trees are a tangible investment in their future.
d-Bodhi is committed to become a world leader in environmentally efficient and socially responsible lifestyle concepts. Through a strategic approach to the global challenges of the 21st century, we aim to align our business interests with the parameters of the environment and the needs of the communities touched by our work

Social Responsibility

The world's challenges have never been greater as the population grows and environmental resources diminish. It is no longer time to ask what our governments are doing about it. This is the moment we have to ask ourselves: “What can I do to reduce my impact on the environment, and give back more than I take?”

As a consumer, it is time to demand more environmentally efficient and socially responsible products on the market

As a company, now is when we have to look at how to change our ways to become more socially responsible and environmentally efficient. d-Bodhi wants to change where the world is headed. We want future generations to benefit from the work we do today – not suffer because of it.