Reclaimed paper

wood | rubber | paper | license plate | denim | iron

d-Bodhi is continuously exploring new ways of using familiar materials. Imagine how much paper waste is produced at some of the largest printers in the city. Together with a thrifty family on Java, we decided to give some of this waste a new life.

Paper from old magazines and printing test runs are brought to a small Javanese village where family members, neighbors and friends are employed to turn paper into a production material.
Pages are rolled into finger-wide tubes that are twisted and connected into amazingly durable paper rope. This rope can be molded, woven, stitched and folded into countless shapes and patters. d-Bodhi uses paper to create accessories, such as magazine stands, baskets and boxes. Fragments of text and images color the paper that make inspiring surfaces, even suitable as wall art.

d-Bodhi prefers working with small businesses and home industries whenever we can to help create local economic opportunities.

Collections that make use of reclaimed paper :


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