Reclaimed Rubber

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When you enter the small Javanese village of d-Bodhi’s rubber provider, you will never guess that this is home to an industry. There are no sounds of noisy machinery, the air is fresh and the goats are grazing peacefully. Behind a small workspace, you’ll see a pile of old tires from trucks, cars and motorbikes.
Believe it or not, that pile is a source of d-Bodhi’s furniture and accessories.

The tires are scrubbed completely clean. Then, with manual labor, simple tools and handmade rollers, the tires are cut in half and carefully sliced into elastic and durable rubber strips. The strips are woven into decorative surfaces with the roughness of the road and marks of wear and tear still intact. This gives the furniture charm and soul.

d-Bodhi prefers whenever possible to work with small enterprises and home industries that are manned by family, neighbors and friends. The rubber production from recycled tires creates jobs for many young adults in the village.

Collections that make use of reclaimed rubber :


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