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Tuareg. The Silent Power of the Desert.

09 March 2017

Drawing inspiration from the myriad shades of brown observed in the Sahara Desert, d-Bodhi brings forth the Tuareg Collection. The world’s biggest desert contains sand dunes and rock formations that have stood and undergone changes since the dawn of time. The various tones that colour them are similar to the weathered colours of the mixed reclaimed tropical woods used for this collection.

The name Tuareg itself comes from an indigenous ethnic tribe originating from the North African region of the Sahara. Historically the Tuareg people are regarded as warriors, respected for their perseverance and will in defending their right to a unique and individual way of life. They are a reminder that spirit and determination can keep old traditions alive, even in the presence of change. It is a testament to their admirable character that the collection is aptly named after them.

Old Javanese houses are given a new lease on life with a mixture of three types of tropical hardwoods – teak, acacia and mahogany – combined with a slick dark grey frame.

The collection features a complex of different tones that contrast one another. The placement of the various colours against each other highlight the different types of wood being used, as can be seen from the colours ranging from soft pastels to a murkier dark and anything in between. Typical for this collection are small wooden panels placed at the back of the racks to give an extra dimension to the furniture piece. The coating is smooth and sophisticated. The dark granite colour emits a silky glow when placed in the light.

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